Our Church Family

We are a bible believing ministry focused on teaching the word, praising God and serving people of all races to aid in their spiritual growth.

The John Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church has been working in God’s vineyard for more than a decade at our current location in North Attleboro, having relocated here from Attleboro. We are a church committed to worshiping and praising our Lord Jesus Christ. This is expressed in our worship services, in our teaching ministry and study classes, in the various ways in which we service the greater Attleboro community, and participate in ministries of the A.M.E. Zion Church connection. John Wesley is part of a national and international denomination which reaches out to person of all races serving their needs and inviting them to unite with us. Though our name may seem odd to some, it is less so when you understand the meaning behind it. John Wesley is the founder of Methodism. African, the ethnic group which founded the denomination. Methodist is our belief system. Episcopal describes our structure. Zion is the name of the first church in our denomination; thus our name. The AME Zion Connection is divided into: Episcopal Districts presided over by a bishop. Each Episcopal District is divided into: Annual Conferences also presided over by the bishop for the conference. Each Annual Conference is divided into District Conferences presided over by a presiding elder. Each District is divided into Local Churches presided over by a pastor.

John Wesley members are also active in the Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative (AAIC) and the Greater Attleboro Interfaith Network (GAIN), two organization that serve the physical and spiritual needs of persons in the greater Attleboro area. John Wesley’s members are committed to prayer, praying for our church family, our biological families, our friends, our communities, and our civic and religious leaders at all levels. We believe that our faith has to be expressed both inwardly strengthening the spiritual identity of our members and outwardly strengthening the bodies and spirits of person in our community. At John Wesley, we are committed to living out the joy of our Salvation on a daily basis knowing that the worship of God our Creator, Jesus our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit who fills us, has transformed our lives.

Our current pastor is the Reverend Robin Woods-Barrant.

Church Officers

Officers at John Wesley are a dedicated group of men and women who love the Lord and work with the pastor to help the church remain strong and relevant, they have shown evidence of their commitment to Jesus Christ through the priorities and values they set and the life choices they make.

John Wesley Youth

Youth members are involved in all aspects of church life: participating in the worship service, study classes, representing the church, and enjoying one another’s company both on church property or at activities outside of the church. Young adults officers provide primary supervision and leadership of youth activities guiding them as they develop their Christian identity.